Our Three Sets of Corporate Values

10 Principles of Work

  1. To do things right the first time all the time
  2. To give attention to details.
  3. To work not only to delight but surprise the customers.
  4. To check and double the work done.
  5. To always think that there is a better way to do the work.
  6. To do the work better and better.
  7. To work against the 10 enemies of quality.
  8. To work to enjoy the work.
  9. To work 20% to achieve 80% output.
  10. To always get organized.

10 Enemies of Quality

  1. Simple oversights. (“Ay hindi napansin”.)
  2. Deliberate compromise on quality and safety (“Puede na yan…”)
  3. Negligence due to complacency (“Bahala na!”)
  4. Poor communication channel. (“Akala ko…”)
  5. Inadequate training of Personnel (“Alam ko na iyan!”)
  6. Lack of maintenance. (“Puede na yan!”)
  7. Unclear systems and procedures (“Siguro nga!”)
  8. Bad process design. (“Masamang gawa.”)
  9. Imprudent downsizing (“Maling pagbabawas”)
  10. False economies from short sighted & indiscriminate cost cutting (“Masama at Maling tantiya”)

The Customer is BOSS Policy

  1. Customer should be the first person to be empowered
  2. Customers should NOT be ignored as strangers, treated as distractions to work & ridiculed for complaining. What customers come about are order processing, queuing time, and aspects of service in delivery system, NOT manufacturing process.
  3. Customers do NOT care about the inter-departments’ struggles, squabbles and turf battles.
  4. AM’s, Sales Staff & Collectors are the first company representatives they meet. They, therefore, must be well-trained.
  5. The customer is NOT interested if we have a QUALITY program. What it wants is a QUALITY application.
  6. Complaints are begging for more information by customers.
  7. It is natural for customers to
    -  Demand unreasonable quality
    -  Demand unreasonable time
    - Demand unreasonably low price
    - Misuse the product (don’t blame; just fool-proof the product)
    - Does not know what to say (should be handled / corrected politely)
    - Want everything
  8. Treating internal customers as external customers promote harmony and productivity.
  9. The internal customers closest to the external customer are always right.
  10. Hiding foul-ups and problems will cause constipation. We believe that the failure is NOT a problem. Solve failures and problems for the customer.
  11. In case of doubts, think like a customer.
  12. Do 5-minute cleaning and organizing everyday to be presentable to the customer.
  13. Do 5-minute stretching everyday to carry the strain for the customer.