In 1965, VICENTE C. CATABIJAN, JR. established SAINT MARY’S PUBLISHING, which he named after Ms. Ester St. Maria, the very first author of the company, who in turn became his loving wife. But apart from being coined from Mrs. Ester Catabijan’s maiden name,SAINT MARY’S PUBLISHING depicts the couple’s profound devotion to the blessed Virgin Mary, making Her the Protectress and Patroness of the company. With Her guiding light, the company sets about its everyday activities mindful of the values nurtured by Filipinos: love for others, honesty, humility, respect, and a sense of justice.

In response to the rapid growth of the company, the Founding President saw the need of its transformation into a corporation. But, MR. VICENTE C. CATABIJAN, JR. did not see the peak of its dream come true. On August 16, 1994, he did his homecoming with his Creator. His death is a major loss, for the company did not only lose its Founder, but also a Father and friend to the people under his care.

His youngest son, JERRY VICENTE CATABIJAN, succeeded MR. VICENTE C. CATABIJAN, JR . He was given the task of continuing whatever plans the late Vicente Catabijan left unfinished.

The development of SAINT MARY’S PUBLISHING into a well established company led to its incorporation which was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 19, 1994. Thus, from a sole proprietorship, SAINT MARY’S PUBLISHING was transformed into SAINT MARY’S PUBLISHING CORPORATION on January 1, 1995.

The new SAINT MARY’S PUBLISHING CORPORATION works to fulfill the vision and continue the mission started by the late VICENTE C. CATABIJAN, JR.